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Titanium Shorty Titanium Shorty
Extremely soft and warm baselayer
From €119.95
Titanium Shirt Longsleeves Titanium Shirt Longsleeves
Multi functional shirt - reversible
From €119.95
Titanium Icevest Pro Titanium Icevest Pro
Baeslayer for extremely cold temperatures
From €169.95
Titanium Top Titanium Top
Warming top - reversible
From €79.95
Titanium Pants Titanium Pants
Clever pants made of fast drying neoprene
From €89.95
Titanium Tight Titanium Tight
Short made of fast drying neoprene
From €79.95
Full-suit for swimming
Arctic Hood 5.0 Arctic Hood 5.0
Hood for extremely cold temperatures
Ice Hood 5.0 Ice Hood 5.0
Ice Hood perfect to be combined
Titanium Seamless 1.0 Hood Titanium Seamless 1.0 Hood
Fast drying hood
Titanium Hood 4.0 Titanium Hood 4.0
Extremely warm and fast drying hood
Titanium Open Ocean Hood Titanium Open Ocean Hood
Thermal protection for transitional seasons, perfectly to be combined with other hoods
Skintex Shortfinger Gloves Skintex Shortfinger Gloves
Light short-finger gloves
Neopren Skintex Gloves Neopren Skintex Gloves
Light gloves
Seamless Bonding Gloves Seamless Bonding Gloves
Seamless bonding neoprene gloves
From €54.95

available in 1 mm / 3 mm / 5 mm

Titanium Thermo Gloves Titanium Thermo Gloves
Warming gloves made of SCS neoprene
Titanium 2.5 Thermo Sneakers Titanium 2.5 Thermo Sneakers
Warm Thermo Sneakers
Titanium 2.5 Thermo Socks Titanium 2.5 Thermo Socks
Warm Thermo Socks
Titanium 0.5 Seamless Socks Titanium 0.5 Seamless Socks
Basic socks
Titanium 1.0 Thermo Longsocks Titanium 1.0 Thermo Longsocks
Basic knee-high sox


Buy base layers, diving gloves and hoods online

Our warming base layers are the perfect complement to our diving suits on cold days. All Titanium base layers are highly elastic and very thin. Despite that they provide great thermal insulation, and feature a water- and wind-repellent coating that enables ultra-fast drying: Just shake it out once and it’s dry again. The products in our Titanium collection can be used separately, or layered to protect against the cold. Talking of layering: In our online shop you’ll also find diving hoods that can likewise be worn separately or one on top of the other to enhance warmth. Warming, waterproof neoprene diving gloves are another must-have for divers – and are available as part of our range too. And our warm thermal socks will complete your diving outfit. Our more than 50 years of experience in the development of diving wear is demonstrated in all our products. Browse our shop and find smart, high-quality accessories such as diving hoods, gloves and base layers for your upcoming dives!

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