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Man wears water ski wetsuits while waterskiing

Our water ski wetsuits from the Titanium Pro series impress in many ways!


Camaro supports waterski athletes for decades. Working closely with athletes and developing and testing under professional conditions shows Camaro's commitment to always getting better. The test center at lake Mondsee is the perfect place to test and develop suits and vests under real conditions. Feedback from top athletes is invaluable for us to continually improve gear and meet our athletes' needs. Camaro is waterskiing and an unbeatable brand. Athletes and water sports enthusiasts can rely on the quality of CAMARO and maximize their performance on the water with us.

waterskiing and wakeboarding clothing is being produced

Wafer thin

Because of this technology a thin layer of neoprene (0,5 mm up to 1,5 mm) is sufficient – for an optimal thermal insulation. Thanks to the maximised freedom of movement you need less energy to overcome the modulus of resistance of the material.

two woman test freedom of movement of Camaro suits

Titanium Neoprene suit

Our Titanium Pro Suits made of the exclusive SCS Open Cell Titanium neoprene are only 0.5-1.5mm thick and extremely stretchy.

In combination with our Seamless Bonding Technology – seamlessly welded – our suits are extremely comfortable without leaving any pressure marks. Flexible, comfortable and nonbinding – no resistance to boost your performance!.



Man wears Titanium Pro Camaro wetsuit while waterskiing

Titanium Pro Overall C4687640
Super elastic overall


Warm and safe with maximum freedome of movement

Woman puts Titanium Zero Camaro suit on
I've loved Camaro suits since I was a little kid. They always keep me warm and are also super light and elastic, so I can perform well despite the cold. The suit has now become even better thanks to the new zipper on the Titanium Zero. The integrated Zero Zipper doesn't let a drop of water through, so you can stay on the water even longer! - Giannina Bonnemann-Mechler / Athlet

Titanium ZERO Overall C4687641
Perfect for cold weather, it protects and warms with the unique waterproof zip


The Zero suits do not bear their name for nothing. They have no seams that could cause uncomfortable pressure points on the skin
"Zero" seams - The TRU® zipper has no teeth and can be opened and closed easily and silently.
Due to this high quality workmanship, no water can get into the suits - "Zero" water.
With these suits you will have fun on the water even under the coldest conditions.


The Core Vest has a very compact cut and has protector foams in the side, so that the ribcage, in case of a fall, is protected. It is also extremely lightweight and offers best freedom of movement. In addition, we have integrated an adhesive tape on the inside of the vest, so that the vest can not slide up - for a perfect perfomance on the water.
Developed together with top athletes and used in training and competitions for many years.

Man wears Camaro Core Vest while waterskiing
To be honest Camaro's Core Vest is just what I was looking for! I am not joking when I am telling you that you can't feel this vest on you and that at the same time its protections keep you safe!“ – Louis Duplan Fribourg / Athlete