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Blacktec 2.0 Overall junior C4632795
Semi-dry overall for cold temperatures
Blacktec 1.0 Mono LS junior C4631389
Semi-dry Monoshort for colder temperatures
Impact 3.0 Vest junior C988
Crash-protection vest - reversible
Blacktec 1.0 Comp Shirt junior C4636489
Perfect combination with pants or shorts


Waterskiing and wakeboarding wetsuits for kids

The skiing season usually ends in spring – but not for water-skiing and wakeboard fans. For them, the busiest time is only just starting when the snow has disappeared. But hardy water sports enthusiasts are not deterred by cold water. Because, with the right clothing, there are no limits to the fun that can be had on the water. The development and production of Camaro’s water-skiing and wakeboarding suits is based on our more than 50 years of experience. We make wetsuits not only for adults, but for kids too. In fact, our junior series is in no way inferior to the clothing for adults: We offer top quality, maximum comfort and optimal fit. We are especially devoted to ensuring the safety of your children as they first venture onto the water. That’s why we have developed special impact vests that do not restrict freedom of movement yet still offer optimal protection in the chest-, back-, rib- and side areas. Our junior series is available from size 128. Surprise your young adventurers with a wetsuit for water-skiing or wakeboarding!