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Adventure Farmer John

  • 7770824-11-44
Custom made suit
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Material: 4 mm neoprene/plush lining Features: durable buttocks... more
Product information "Adventure Farmer John"
Material: 4 mm neoprene/plush lining
  • durable buttocks reinforcement
  • strong Mauser seams
  • extensive Small-Diamond inserts - extra abrasion resistant
  • ergonomically shaped Supratex knee reinforcement

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Please contact us directly by e-mail at webshop@camaro-austria.com or by phone +43 62324201 12
Please note the surcharge of 100% for our custom made suits. Not all suits can be custom-made and we have to check with our production department.

Also note: we can only take your measurements in our Factorystore and for this reason you have to visit our headquarter in Mondsee / Austria during office hours!

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